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About Us

Dongying BAOZE Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrated of oil field fracturing material, acidizing operation material, new type energy promotion, oil exploitation technology development, training and service. It is located in Lique Industrial Park of Guangrao County, enjoying convenient transportation condition and superior location. Our company covers an area of 14,587 square meters and a construction area of 8,800 square meters. And it is equipped with complete water and electric facilities. Its hydroxypropyl guar gum powder is state Torch project product. And Dongying BAOZE Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has special advantages in oil exploitation technology. Currently, it has 45 employees, including 16 professional technical people. And there are assets of 15.53 million Yuan. It can realize annual sales revenue of 11.22 million yuan.

Nowadays, our company has production line of 6,000 tons of guar gum powder. In order to meet oil exploitation requirement, a new 10,000 tons production line is under construction. Guar gum is widely applied in fracturing, acidification and oil exploitation process. 

And we expect to create brilliant future under wide friends’ support. 

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